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cocktail receipts creating and sharing platform

Curricular project of Interaction Programming and the Dynamic Web at KTH.
– A web-based platform for cocktail lovers for search, collect, create and share cocktail recipes.
– Related Technologies: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap.
– Participated in sketches and front-end programming.

Yocktail is a web-based platform for users to:

  • search and browse different recipes of different cocktails

  • create and share their own cocktail recipes

Our project on github: sourcecode

The executable website: website

(But due to the problem with the Absolut Drinks Database API (, in order to make the website work, please install a chrome extension: Allow-Control-Allow-Origin  , or “Disable Cross-Origin Restriction” in the “Develop” option in the menu of Safari browser.)

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