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Transfer booking app re-design

For Ryanair in iOS

A two-week project for the Methodology of Interaction Design course at the University of Paris-Sud.

Design solely by Chengcheng Qu

Current problem analysis

1. Current related-function/ navigation structure analysis( on iOS Platform)



1.Must have a flight ticket first and then able to book a transfer.

2.The function for booking is so hard to find. User don‘t know this function exists.

3.There’s no clue in the front page to let users know that they can book transfer in this app.

2.1 Interview of Ryanair users

When do you normally plan the route to the airport?

How did you normally get the transfer information to Ryanair airport from?

Where do you buy the transfer ticket to Ryanair airport?

-”I do it one or two days before departure”
- “I do it while booking the flight ticket”

-”I googled it”
-”I ask somebody who went to that airport before”
-”I saw the bus stop on the street”

-”I bought it from flybussarana”
-”I bought it on the bus”

2.2 Problem found in the interview


- Users don’t know that they can book transfer ticket in Ryanair app.
- Few users found the transfer booking page successfully, most of them gave up in the middle.

- There are too many steps for users to book a transfer ticket by current Ryanair app.
- There are bugs in the transfer booking process, and some users were confused and gave up booking.

3. Competitor analysis


Age: 22

Profession: Student
Lives: Stockholm

Relationship: Elizabeth's boyfriend

User analysis

1.1 Problem statement

–  “I just book plane tickets but I always forget how to get to and from the airport”

–  “I don’t know where I have all my different bookings”

–  “I run around confused in the airport trying to understand how I can get to the next place”

–  “I like to travel as cheap as possible”

1.2 User profile

- Age: 20-50

- Computer level: People with at least one smart phone and comfortable with modern technology.

- Financial status: not very wealthy. Want to travel as cheap as possible( so they take public transport tools such as transfer bus)

- Problem: When they book an air-ticket from Ryanair, they always fail to find the correct information about how to get to the airport, and also the other way around. They don’t know where and how to book a transfer tickets neither. Also, Users want to have a quick& easy way to find a route from airport to the city center( or their place of interest), or the other way around. Also, they want to know how to get to the transfer bus stop.

2. Personas


Alex (extreme character)
Age: 35

Profession: Business man

Lives: Amsterdam

Relationship: Married

Age: 22

Profession: Student
Lives: Stockholm

Relationship: Elizabeth's boyfriend

Age: 23

Profession: Engineer

Lives: Rome

Relationship: Kim’s girlfriend

Kim and Elizabeth are a couple and Elizabeth recently moved to Rome. So they have to meet in weekends and holidays. This weekend they are planning to spend a sweet weekend in Paris.

Elizabeth loves making plans so when they are travelling, she always love to plan everything.

Alex’s wife and children lives in Paris. He can’t give up his business in Amsterdam while his wife can’t give up hers. Therefore his family has to stay in Paris. He has to travel between this two places very often.

Alex is very busy so it’s always his secretary who book the transfer ticket for him

3. Storyboard

timg (1).jpeg

Sure! <3

Let’s meet at the airport first honey! We can get to the hotel together, I’ll check the transfer ticket when we meet. <3

Kim and Elizabeth are couple in a long distance relationship, Kim lives in Stockholm while Elizabeth recently moved to Rome. They planned to spend a sweet weekend in Paris

Since they both fly with Ryanair and arrive at similar time. They decide to meet first and go to the hotel together. They booked the transfer ticket for them to go to their airport separately.

When the young couple finally meet, Elizabeth bought a transfer

ticket from Paris airport to Paris city center for them.

Alex lives in Amsterdam while his wife and children lives in Paris. He

always travel between this two cities.
Today, it’s time for Alex’s family reunion again!

Anna, Alex’s secretary, booked a transfer ticket from Amsterdam city to the Amsterdam airport

Alex received the transfer ticket and take the transfer bus happily.


Oh my flight is tonight! Need to book a ticket to airport soon. Anna could you book it for me?

Okay boss!


Done! I’ve sent you the ticket in SMS,

Thank you Anna!



Put the transfer searching function in more obvious place, so that users could easily notice it


Adding pictures of transfer buses, so that users could easily realize what is this page used for. (Found in usability test that users are always confused without it)


Adding a reverse button might sounds unnecessary, but in usability testing I fount out that users are always confused without it.


A matched one way ticket is automatically selected. Found in usability test that it could remarkably make the process smoother. Users could remove or change it easily if they want.


Put the information of bus tickets with fly tickets, so that users could found it easily. ( However in usability test I realized that users would confused with the word “trip” and “transfer”. Might improve it in the future)


Could add advertisements of hotels, cars....etc.


Shareable ticket, more flexibility & easy to manage


Navigation: show users how to get to the transfer bus stop/ or get to their place from the transfer bus stop

Evaluation( Improvement)

Current Ryanair iOS app vs the new prototype

–  A/B testing

–  Subjects: 4 for current app, 4 for new prototype) – Task:

1. Give a user an account with a return-ticket( from Paris to Venice), and ask them to book a transfer ticket from Paris city to the Paris airport(BVA) with current Ryanair App.

2. After the transfer is booked, ask users to find the ticket information out.



Smoother order process+ faster order time= Remarkably increased Order rate!!!

Future improvements

Alternative design

Anchor 1

It might be not fair to only give such a highlight on transfers booking, so an alternative design is to highlight all booking modules, and put all other flight/order management related function in another block.

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